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Project Description

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*** Please note that this project is a Work In Progress ***

AdvanceGrid is a custom control built on top of (but not inherited from) the Windows Form DataGridView control shipped with Visual Studio.Net (.NET Framework 4.0)
The AdvanceGrid provides out-of-the-box functionalities to filter each column in the datasource that the DataGridView is bound to.




AdvanceGrid Filtered 

AdvanceGrid Context menu


  • After binding DataSource, the control will identify and display a search/filtering panel above the grid to allow end users to filter the results.
  • When in the grid, using Up ArrowKey allows users to jump from the top of the column directly to the search box above.
  • When in a SearchBox, using Down ArrowKey allow users to jump directly to the column below.
  • Mouse right-click displays a CheckedListBox with all the columns names to allow users to Show/Hide columns.
  • Sorting, Reordering, Changing width and SortDirection can be retained after closing the program by using the Columns property of the grid.
  • Filter Property stores the last filter applied to the grid.
  • SearchValues dictionary stores all last search strings/values applied to the gird weather from the code or at run-time by the user. 
  • Arrange Sub can be used to arrange the Search boxes above the grid to match Left and Width properties of the corresponding grid columns. However, AdvancGrid does that automatically when various actions are applied to grid by the user.  

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